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Spheres of Celestial Sounds

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Bathe yourself in Spheres of Celestial Sounds

Crystal Portal Meditation


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Sound of Gaia Episode III 

Alchemy Bowls called  Platinum Crystal Singing Bowls, noble, rare and priceless divine sounds and frequency takes you deep Alpha states of brainwaves to start with, then follow Theta states to Delta states with intention. Connect with Sacred Ancient Portals on earth, you’ll be invite to cocoon of sacred energy frequency and surrounded by its wonders of crystal portal dimension where time ceases, Bathe yourself in Spheres of Celestial Sounds, frequencies channeled and played by Mamia

NEW CD RELEASE ! on June 6, 2020

CRYSTAL PORTAL MEDITATION -Platinum Code- Sound of Gaia EpisodeIII

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What are crystal singing bowls used for? What are the benefits of singing bowls?

What are crystal singing bowls used for? What are the benefits of singing bowls

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Sound of Gaia Episode I Own Now

“This beautifully recorded CD of Mamia Kato’s live performance of crystal singing bowls is both mesmerising and astounding. The tonal qualities that she extracts from these bowls is amazing. This recording is intended as a healing journey through three suites to balance the whole person via the chakras. From sweetly singing high tones to earthy bass, this recording sings to the body”

Reviewed by Thomas Kress Living Now Press Magazine

What are crystal singing bowls used for? What are the benefits of singing bowls?

What are crystal singing bowls used for? What are the benefits of singing bowls?

Why Crystal Sounds?


Let’s Find Out…


We believe Sound of Crystal Singing bowls helps to take you into an deep meditative “Flow State” when listened to correctly, where time has no Bath yourself in Spheres of Celestial Sounds

We believe Sound of Crystal Singing Bowls meditation may help take you to a deep “Flow State” where time and space has no relevance.

Be in a total absence of your own emotion, let every single cell of your body start to synchronize with your own divine crystalline  structural alignment.

Bathe yourself in celestial music,  frequencies of spheres by Mamia

Crystal SInging Bowls Online Course

Crystal Feature

Crystal Bowls Quality

Crystal Singing bowls made from 99.99% pure quartz crystal same as the ones in computer and also in watches and other high tech devices. Treat it same as super computer.

Crystal Sound of Cymatics

Crystal Resonance Cymatics reveals a mystically & beautiful symmetry at work in nature.  giving you same principle to help get back and create mastering your own frequency.

Crystal Sound Lucid Dreaming

Experienced Crystal Singing Bowl Player can help in some cases to assist conscious states move to Lucid Dreaming state which enable the listener to be in touch with a “state of super conscious”.

Crystal Sound For Wellness

Once Crystal Sounds has been played in harmony, the cells of the body can also harmonize to the frequency of Crystal Sounds of Sillica. Silica is also known to have the same atomic structure that we share in nature.

Crystal Sounds For Brain

Crystal Sound stimulate brain function helping to move towards theta states which also known as Free Flow states. Being in a positive mental states, then we enter delta states being at the edge of gateway of the Universal mind .

Crystal Sound Energy Source

It is said in the beginning was the “word” “sound”, “logos” then the world was created as it is today. We are always amongst various sounds, every second of the day. A source of our energy. Now you can design and program yours through Crystal Sounds

We are…

We believe, in the  ancient wisdom and super intelligence that of nature, it is known to have been written and carries though in our own very DNA.

Life throughout our galaxy goes through a series of rebirths, each time carrying with it the ancient wisdom of the past.

While we are in flesh as human form, we express what we carry in us through outward customs, such as ornamenting ourselves through jewels of beauty, expressing our unique gifts and talents that require us to flourish to enhance every atom of the universe.

Sounds is such a universal language across not only our globe our home Gaia planet earth, but other planetary solar systems.

We Hope you embrace this precious gift from mother earth sharing her natural resource then hoping for you to unleash your potential fully to be ever more radiant, ever more powerful, and ever more filled with happiness peace within you.

That quality of you appreciated by many as you may not know as of yet… We believe in you! and welcome you to embrace the sacred sounds of the singing bowls presented from mother earth through Mamia to you in this site…

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Find out what Crystal Singing Bowls Sounds stowed for you to access your brain senses
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“When there is kindness,

there is goodness.

When there is goodness,

there is magic”.

– Ella’s mother (Cinderella)

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Story of Earth Crystal

Crystals have been on our planet earth for many millions of years on this planet,

One of oldest fragment of Earth crust is 4.4-billion-year-old that was found in Western Australia 2014.

With their deeper unified intelligence and unique property of frequency of healing and alchemist power never cease admiration through our human history. In this new era, Aquarius Age, new form of communication has been introduce by Crystals which form as “Crystal Singing Bowls” once again…

We believe every single tone played by love and kindness offers gratitude and appreciation for Mother Gaia though us, our home planet earth, one of the kind, constantly nurturing us unconditionally through beginning of its time.

It is the time to communicate deeper through crystal frequencies in energetic fields for ultimate realisation and true potentials of divine beings both sound and lights. Enjoy the music throughout the site for you ascension.

“The Music is not in the notes, 

but in the silence between“.

– Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer)

Now It’ll be
Yours Forever…

Are You Ready?


Where celestial sounds await you…

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