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Mamia Kato

Mamia Kato – Sound of Gaia


She -Mamia Kato, born in Central Japan; into a mastery and classical musical family is the 15th generation musician/singer who showed indications of her passion to bring peace and well being through music from the early age of six.  She could sing, read, write music as well as play the piano form this early age.  Mamia used her gifts to help inspire others during her performances and sang in the choir from eight till eighteen also performing at the Singapore Orchard Hall.

She spent much time in performing and learning other arts to aid authentic beauty and refinement. She was direct disciple taught the classical Japanese Harp (Koto) by her Grand Aunt a master player and performer who dedicated her playing till death. Mamia also spent much time to excel for mastering two forms of calligraphy under many authentic masters includes national prized calligrapher as grand fathers, Moshitsu Shodo achieved 6th Dan master level,  Koshitsu Shodo 3rd Dan master level and other ancient arts and esoteric sciences.

Her late Grand mother was a Bushido Shigin Master, poetry singer/chanter and sword dancer who would uplift people’s spirits and known to heal through singing as well as her mother.

Taught under renowned Monk Master, Mamia has become Feng- Shui Master Practitioner, Ancient Science of Tarot Teacher,and Astrology.

Crystal Singing Bowls – Course

Master teacher trainer in the art of celestial sounds through Crystal Singing Bowls.

For the last 11 years she has performed and taught this art throughout Europe, Asia and Australia.  She has a unique flair in being able to impart the most complicated sciences of natures intelligence to those she teaches in simple terms.  Often told by professionals that Mamia has a rare gift of communicating and producing healing sounds through quartz crystal singing bowl that have never been heard before.  She focuses on the energy of the human body allowing the positive energy to correct the negative, thus reconnecting us with nature and the universe through ancient secret teaching. Those close to her have greatly benefited from her sounds through the crystal singing bowls feeling a greater sense of up lift in health, well being and beyond.

“Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius.

Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart