Earth Day 50th Happy Gaia Day!

Written by Mamia Kato

Apr 22, 2020

April 22, 2020

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Today is annual Gaia Day. It’s very special day for this year, 50th anniversary! Half century we’ve continued awareness of earth for caring and co-existing each other as whole and that itself is great achievement. It should be everyday is Gaia Day and surely many of us acting on it individually every part of the world as we see today.

Earth has been nurtured Crystals and minerals since their birth, holding and nourishing in such a perfection. We are so lucky to witness their natural beauty and power of millions years production if not billions. True beauty takes time yet worth to wait those who truly deserve.


1.Enjoy Be Vegetarian Day : Just one day try vegetarian life style if you are not and see how you feel like to be vegetarian. Don’t worry you are not starve you can eat as much as you like. Even one day you’ll feel lighter next day and feel peaceful somehow. Try and see, you will discover new YOU! If you are vegetarian (vegan, raw etc) try next level such as juicing or fasting, your energy level can restore for excellence.

Earth Day 50th Happy Gaia Day! 1

2.PLANT A SEED: Start planting anything you like ex) herbs, flower, plants, if it is too much, get potted plants welcoming home/ office where you spend most of your time, emerge nature frequency let them shower Crystal Music to grow with high vitality.

Earth Day 50th Happy Gaia Day! 2

3.DRINK LOTS OF WATER: We are all dehydrated more than we can imagine. See Earth has same problem ( Climate change, Water shortage) Let your body to hydrated enough to function better in natural order.

Earth Day 50th Happy Gaia Day! 3

With this auspicious day, we continue up to 50% SALES or more on this month celebrate Earth Day for Mother Gaia, please share the gift of Gaia with everybody you love!

Thanking you and Thanking Mother Earth Gaia

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