Welcome to Sound of Gaia. So Grateful you are here!

Written by Mamia Kato

Apr 4, 2020

April 4, 2020

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Thank you for your kind visits to Sound of Gaia, we are so pleased you find us and share your precious time with us. Let me introduce myself a little , my name is Mamia Crystal Player and co-owner of this official website. Crystal Sounds Music is my secret life-long passion in long time since early 2000.

I believe every single person has special contribution to the world on this planet. I start to believe that playing and create Crystal Sound Music is mine to help balance body with Crystal Singing bowls. I’ve been fortunately given this opportunity and gift in this life from universe, creator, God’s hands. So here I am present to you “Sound of Gaia” how sweetly she sings as best healing crystals and nurture our mind, body and spirit  through orchestra of Crystal Singing Bowls.

More you listen, more you connect and see what happens next…yes it will…sooner than you’re expected!

Hope enjoy

Crystal singing bowl
Crystal singing bowl Crystal music

Welcome to the world of Crystal Sound Frequency everyone!

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