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Gaia Project

Gaia Project Introduction


A world of Energy Network

It’s not the love you make. It’s the love you give.― Nicola Tesla

Gaia Project 1



Many energy vortex has been existed on earth planet as well as sacred geometry architectures where ancients left us to reconnect our wisdom within and beyond.

These places are admired and often prayed in for many centuries to create amplify even more harmonious energy.

We believe Crystal Sounds enable us to enhance our energy fields and connect us and the land to a deeper level than imaginable.

Intention and will to create more peace, harmony and abundance on that land through energy vortex.

Ancient Wisdom Energy Vortex.

Sacred Geometry Architecture ,

Mystic East


Gaia Project 2



Earth is living planet. Many natural energy vortex has been created by nature since beginning of earth. Untouched nature forms magnificent art of nature over million years if not billions. It enable us to reconnect nature wisdom and network of living electron photons and vein of energy through Crystal Sound. Synthesize together as natural organic being through frequency of silica, exchanging of gratitude and appreciation, love and care will lead us united earth and nation.

Gently reconnect dormant DNA through Natural Geometry Energy Vortex for new possibilities.

Natural Geographic Geometry Form, Untouched Earth.



Gaia Project 3


New Aquarius Age a high form of communication era. With leading edge of high technology application, we can convey creative earth sounds to introduce to neighbors of family planets, where void can be filled with high frequency of love as our united nation. Subtle yet powerful radiant frequencies to energize our solar system and beyond.

Proudly presented by our civilization and perfectly for Aquarian Age communication,

It is gracefully peaceful and harmonious frequency introduction in positive manner for unlimited future. 

Crystal Sound Synchronization. 

Sacred Sound of Earth, Solar System Project.








If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”― Nicola Tesla

A world of Energy Network

Your Chance to own ORIGINAL Sound Source

These are our very own recordings made from each original master tracks, so you get the sounds from the original studio files. Stay tune!



Hope For Possibilities


Mission Statement
Wishing and Hoping these earth gifted Crystal Sound Music would be delivered every single person on this planet and beyond to be experienced its extraordinary Beauty, Divinity and Love as well as every sacred energy vortex on earth for all to be united once again.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”– Eleanor Roosevelt

All funds goes towards Gaia Project and production. Your generous support and kindness is greatly appreciated being a part of project and forever remembered through existance.

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