The Top 8 Benefits of Crystal Singing Bowls

Written by Mamia Kato

May 29, 2020

May 29, 2020

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“What are the benefits of Crystal Singing Bowls?” “What are Crystal Singing Bowls used for?”

The reason has been asked so many times over and over because they DO so much and almost countless benefits when you are listening, bathing, experience sound bath of Crystal Singing Bowls especially high quality ones.

Here is the Top 8 Benefits of Crystal Singing Bowls for you!

Crystal singing bowl
Crystal singing bowl Crystal music

1: Cleansing Energetic body, Etheric body , and Cleanse space

Crystal Sound works not only physical body but at this same time Energetic body includes multi Etheric body which is subtle plane connected our physical body. Cleanse and harmonize inside and outside to extend all the way to your personal space to room, house even land. It is very powerful cleanser and harmonizer.

2; Ultimate Chakra Balance

Our body has energetic centers which govern very important role for our health in all levels. Crystal Sounds works direct to energy centers and each Chakra corresponds with specific sound frequency on music scale. It balance them at the same time, non-intrusive method to work on delicate energy center’s needs is absolutely the way always used in ancient modality for enhance health and balance, it also continues to do so in our time, too.

3: Deep Relaxation Sound Medicine- Reduce depression, anxiety, stress

Everybody has their own share of stress to some extent in daily life, but if you ignore too long it becomes chronic anxiety and worsen to deep depression which we all want to avoid definitely yet millions people suffer everyday with pills & medications if not more…Well if you are one of them, Great news…Crystal Sounds works powerfully for neurological function with gentle touch of crystal frequency that leads to help you to calm your nerve system improve your blood flow into your body and brain. It is known as powerful meditative and relaxation tool that is important in many neurological functions. Just like while you have facial massage, you have foot and hand massage even with deep head massage..can you imagine? Well in this scenario, it is very difficult to feel deep depression and anxiety for sure. Just like that while you are listening /bathing or programmed to Crystal Singing Bowls, you will be introduce to a quite level of deep relaxation which more than you expect…Keep everyday and see what happens in few weeks! Tip;28days recommended first

4: Stimulate the Immune System, Circulation and general Health

Simply pay attention to Crystal Singing Bowl Sounds while you spend quiet time yourself at home for downtime, relaxing, resting brain, recollect yourself after long day, breathing and listening Crystal Bowl Sounds would be very beneficial. Not only calm your nerve, your intention is relaxation and quietness already set therefore works much faster and deeper for that matter. Stimulate your Immune System, sooth your blood Circulation and restore your body balance with such a calm and peaceful manner. Wonderful self treat every time at home with your “ME-TIME” for health boost. Why not enjoy with all family together in evening to relax and ready for great night sleep. Your children will magically sleep into dreamland without bedtime story plus regain health back up in the morning.

5: Aid for Deep Sleep

Everybody needs good night’s deep sleep every night and waking up so fresh that you feel rested so well and very beautiful…when is the last time you felt like this? If you have trouble sleeping, insomnia, sleep disorder etc…named it. You tried every methods on the market, yet nothing quite worked well then try Crystal Singing Bowl Sounds Sleep every night from tonight. If you are quite familiar about Crystal Sounds, we recommend this to drift into sleep from deep forest. Countless appreciations testimonials received over decade of miraculous sleep aid for those who suffer sleep disorder, some of them had 15 years or more sufferings with migraine, finally released from it by Crystal Sound Sleep Method. Even more after get used to sleep with Crystal Sound Sleep Method, keep continuing every night, your sleep quality will improve much more without realizing. “Highly recommended.”

6: Yoga & Meditation

Either Yoga or Meditation, both are internally energy focus exercise and devotion to your being soul alignment. Therefore it is excellent to introduce Crystal Singing Bowls Music to your session. Not only help to focus your attention such as movement. breathing, peace within, Crystal Sound rejuvenate your being in all levels, you will be deeply connect to your internal energy. Either you can pick up your favorite sounds piece and frequency and loop it for your desired time frame or simply breathing into Crystal Singing Bowl Sounds. Even beginners light meditation will be quite beautiful and peaceful just breathing with Crystal Sounds.

7: Spiritual Enhancement & Awareness

Now this is the powerful ones, Conscious Spiritual Enhancement & Awareness…how? OK, Crystals has million years natural materials and frequency therefore they WILL respond any levels you are looking for when you are ready (it means that you have to get used to higher frequency in all levels and eventually have to shift elevate dimensional awareness then next will unfold….( In This subject you will learn from Courses step by step with details. Please subscribe ) Those who already travel this self journey, let Crystal Sounds to unfold untapped possibilities within you. YOU WILL BE AMAZED!

8: Self Advancement/ Psychic Advancement & New Eon Healing

Edgar Cayce and Rudolf Steiner both predicted the use of Crystal Sound for healing of new eon which has begun. Not only healing of physical body but mental emotional and more plane, we need to look at the same time for true healing. Most importantly, those who is professionals and light workers for energetic therapeutic modality, who helps lots of people with non-invasive alternative ways of healing, these people actually need healing the most, because they have to have higher understanding of light, energy, frequency therefore they can heal many but problem is only few if not none can help them because there are little who understand higher light, energy, frequency to heal them in their daily life…make sense? Just like black hole, until been told they are not aware of, however great news is Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healing are available for that role just like Edgar Cayce and Rudolf Steiner mentioned in the past. Now is the time for next level healing even more finer and higher light and frequency in visible spectrum. More individual you work for yourself , more you advance yourself includes Star Seeds, Earth Angels, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow children and adult especially, just you advance yourself, it help whole planet and people on this earth plane along with galactic constellation. Crystal Singing Bowl Music and frequency WILL help for that matter definitely. ( In This subject you will learn from Courses step by step with details. Please subscribe )

How that sounds to you…? Hope it help you in some way to add your understanding of Crystal Singing Bowls for your great benefits.

I truly wish your very best, your body mind spirit well-being is the most important gift for entire planet and beyond.

Why don’t you try sample (just pre-release new album exclusively Sound of Gaia website) and choose one most sound, melody, frequency and energy calling to you… there are something there for you to start to discover into your world within…

Can you imagine once you activate your hidden DNA and elevate yourself…There is whole new world awaits you…

“Love and Light Crystal Awaits you…”

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